15.11.1907 - 21.07.1944 German officer who attempted to assassinate Hitler.

Colonel von Stauffenberg worked in the German Army headquarters in Berlin. He was one of the main conspirators in an attempt to kill Hitler and take control of the government, to end World War II. Von Stauffenberg planted a bomb in a conference room at Hitler's headquarters on July 20, 1944. The bomb went off, causing severe damage to the building and killing and wounding several officers, but Hitler escaped with only minor injuries. In the meantime, von Stauffenberg had flown back to Berlin to help with the coup, but when word came that Hitler had survived, von Stauffenberg and the other main conspirators were rounded up and summarily executed in the courtyard of Army headquarters on Bendlerstrasse, just after midnight. Von Stauffenberg's last words were "Long live our sacred Germany." He became a German national hero after the war, and Bendlerstrasse was renamed Stauffenbergstrasse.