In October 1944 Red Army troops reached the eastern border of East Prussia. Therefore, on 20 November 1944 the main headquarters were moved to Zossen near Berlin. Two days later the decree to destroy Wolf's Lair was issued and it was executed during the night on 24/ 25 January 1945 . Huge concrete blocks were flying in the air at a distance of 20-30 meters. As witnesses stated, as a result of the explosions ice cracked on the nearby lake Siercze. It is estimated that around eight tonnes of TNT were used to destroy one bunker.

On January 27 1945, Red Army troops took over Wolf's Lair without a single shot.

The securing of the minefields lasted until 1955. More than 54 thousand landmines were discovered and secured. It was necessary to secure 72 hectares of forest and over 52 hectares of land altogether. The Polish population settling after the war near Ketrzyn, used construction materials – which had often not been used during the construction of Wolf's Lair - for their own economic purposes. From here they exported brick, reinforced steel, panelling, pieces of stone, copper and aluminum pipes and masking grid.