Reich Security Service (RSD) was responsible for Hitler's personal security. RSD consisted of two Groups. There were 10 officers of criminal service and a dozen of Hitler's personal guards in each of them. RSD officers had an injunction to stay away from each other during service and not to talk without need and above all not to come into Hitler's shelter unless it was dictated by the need to review workers at the facility. When Hitler was outside his shelter the RSD officer had to be so far from the Führer that the forthcoming person could be stopped without disturbing Hitler.

Führer's Armored Battalion (FBB) which until July 1944 had grown to the size of a regiment, was responsible for external protection of the headquarters . It was equipped with tanks, anti-aircraft guns and heavy weapons. A unit of landing troops stationed near Gołdap in a distance of approximately 75 km from Ketrzyn. Any aircraft would be detected in a radius of 100 km from Wolf's Lair.

A specialized gardening company "Seidenspinner" from Stuttgart was responsible for masking. Most buildings constructed here had flat roofs 10 to 30 cm deep. They were filled with earth in which bushes, grass and artificial trees were planted. There were metal bows in the shape of the inverted letter U on the edges of the roofs. Masking grids were stretched between them and the surrounding trees. The effectiveness of masking was tested with the use of aerial photographs - it gave the impression of a dense forest.

Very sophisticated psychological masking was also used. All the people working in the construction of Wolf's Lair had civilian passports. Up to 21 June 1941 Russian linear aircraft flying between Berlin and Moscow was allowed to fly over the site. This way it was suggested that buildings constructed in the forest could not have any real military significance.